The idea to create the HAIKU REALITY has been gradually maturing with my better and deeper acquaintance with the haiku world, the world of poetry and those who create it. Finding beauty and secret in it as well as inefficient efforts of those who whole-heartedly want to belong to it, it appears to me both useful and nice to emphasize the beauty and to point to the inefficient in one place through word of all those who want to and can convey it.

The HAIKU REALITY belongs to the whole world and everyone is welcome to come and build it, cherish it and enrich it – some with a haiku verse, some with a text, some with an image...

Hoping that the HAIKU REALITY will grow into a wonderful garden through which everybody would like to take a walk, relax, be inspired by colors and scents and find his or her own flower, all haiku authors are invited to come, see it, and give it their own gift.

All contributions which satisfy the criteria of instructiveness, originality and aesthetic appeal will find their place in the garden of the HAIKU REALITY.

The material published in HAIKU REALITY does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editor, but rather tends to show the diversity of views, opinions, styles, creative skills, talents... of authors from all over the world.

You are welcome to send your contributions to stating the subject (Essays, Criticisms, Analyses...; Book Reviews; Haiku Gallery; Haiku), personal data and a photograph (with your contributions for Essays, Criticisms, Analyses...) and a scanned book front page (Book Reviews). Send up to six unpublished haiku. All other works can be either published or not. If already published, please state the place and date of first publication.

If your work already exists in English and Serbian (or Croatian) please send in both languages.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to the same address.

Your contributions are always welcome, and the HAIKU REALITY will be supplemented depending on the number of works received and their quality.



Saša Važić (1952, Serbia), haiku poetess, 
journalist, translator (member of the Association of Litarary 
Translators of Serbia), astrologer... 
Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Simply Haiku,
member of the World Haiku Club and Haiku Oz, as well
as of the editorial of the haiku magazine Haiku novine 
(editor: Dragan J Ristić, Niš, Serbia), the HASMN's magazine 
Osvit,  (International Editor) moonset (editor: an'ya, Oregon, 
USA), and UHTS Ambassador.

Address: Pilotska 13, 11273 Batajnica, Serbia

Personal website: - 5k 
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