Vol. 8, No. 14, Summer 2011 / God. 8, br. 14, leto 2011.


thanks sasa, and congratulations
happy holidays

Dear Sasa:
Many thanks for time and effort that you, an'ya, and other editorial team members have put into publishing such a high-quality haiku journal.
May the coming year be full of poetry, peace and happiness.
By the way, 2011 is the 4708th Chinese year, the Year of the Rabbit. According to Chinese astrology, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are the luckiest among "the twelve animals." And I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, .

Now, I pass my luck to you:

New Year's Eve
a white rabbit falls
into your dream


Hvala Vam за publikovane поеме и Сретан Божић!
ion untaru

Congrats on the new issue, and thanks for including my essay!

Great looking issue, Sasa; thank you! I’ll enjoy going through this one even more than usual, now that I’m out from under a pile of marking, grades are posted, the term is over, I’m off for a few days holidays, and anticipate my daughter’s arrival from Vancouver Island at the stroke of midnight tonight.    Nice to see Bruce win best of issue: he’s a friend and great haiku poet; I’m learning so much from him and his various anthologies. 

One thing though: I’m from Canada (live in Lethbridge, Alberta ), not the States. There is a gay detective fiction writer who uses my name as his nom de plume, and he lives in San Francisco.  To make life even more interesting, he’s written a book with the same title as one of mine!  His is a novel, mine a New & Selected poems collection entitled A Murder of Crows.  It’s such a boring Anglo Saxon name; can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to adopt it as a nom de plume. ;-)  I mean, it’s like Joe Smith or something.  There are probably hundreds of us in the writing community alone!

Have a fabulous Christmas and best to you in the new year!

Seasoned Greenthings! ;-)


Draga Saša,

čestitke na odličnom Haiku Reality!

Hvala na uvrštenju naših radova.

Hvala na Stjepanovim recenzijama.

Hvala na mnogo toga.

You are the best!


Thank you, dear Sasa! I am happy to hear that news!:)

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! May it be the joyful and fulfilling season, with lots of hope and sharing good things :)

Love and hug,

I got through to "Haiku reality" the first time and was pleasantly surprised by my first place. Enjoyed all the accompanying illustrations for the winning haiku.
Actually, happy to place the mountain haiku, a nod to Zen consciousness.
Seasons greetings!


Congrats to you on getting it out Sasa!

ya, an'ya

Čestitke Saša na novom broju! Javljam ti se iz studentskog grada u Ljubljani gde sam ovih dana i gde večeras uživam u sadržajima Haiku Reality.
Srećna ti Nova 2011. i Božićni praznici Red heart!

Dear Ms. Sasa Vazic,
Thank you very much for this beautiful gift I have received this holiday season. Having my article appear in Haiku Reality is indeed an honour that was as unexpected s it is enjoyable. I am delighted for my friend Sethu's sake, as well.
Once again wishing you a happy and fulfilling New Year 2011,
and with warm regards,

Partha Desikan

Thank u, Sasa. It's nice to see my own here.

Merry Christmas and great holidays.


Dear Sasa,
How nice I can get the latest Haiku Reality.
I'm so happy that I find my haiku chosen by an'ya.
Thank you, Sasa. You paid an attention for me so often.

I heard the some areas in Europe are frozen in bitter winter.
We have a strange weather all through world. In Japan,
heavy heat summer, rain and flood attacked this summer season.
It may be hard for us to find pleasant Nature which put it up
in writing haiku.

I hope you have the nicest Christmas time and Happy New Year.
Ikuyo(Ikumi) Yoshimura
from Japan

Year end -
only a boat accompanies
the river to the sea

Happy New Year!

Eduard TARA

Bravo Saša,

Čestitam Vam na novom broju Haiku stvarnosti! Pružate nam zaista pravo zadovoljstvo da se družimo sa haiku svetom poezije i esejistike što je sve ređi slučaj danas u našoj publicistici?




Vol. 8, No. 15, Winter 2011 / God. 8, br. 15, leto 2011.

sve naj, Sasa Prokopiev

Respected Mrs Sasa,
It has been a great pleasure to read the latest issue of Haiku Reality. I and my my family reciprocate our deep gratitude to you, Mrs an'ya, Mrs Jasminka for selecting my haiku " flight of cranes--" for the second place. It is a dream come true! I also express my special regards to Mr Robert William for his apt artistic display for the haiku.
P K Padhy, INDIA

Outstanding job, Sasa!

Robert D. Wilson

I vidim da si objavila jos jedan moj haiku i da je Bruce Ross ukljucio moj haiku u esej ...
Lepo, sretna. HVAALAAA!


Dear Sasa,

I visited Haiku Reality and found my orange haiku as a third choice selection and my coins haiku in the favorite list! I was very proud, thank you and all the HR team, specially Robert Wilson, who made the illustration. All the haiku there are beautiful! 

Warm Regards,


Dear Sasa,

Thank you. I have spent a lot of time on the haikureality pages. A wonderful treasure trove.


my essays look good in Serbian. Puno hvala.


Congrats to all. My haiku did not make it. Maybe next time... :)

Angelo Ancheta

Zdravo Sasa and Jaca,

It certainly seems like everyone really likes the new Haiku Reality! We have done a fine job but most especially Sasa who puts it all together. People don't realize how much work
goes in to these haiku projects, but we know. Anyway, I just wanted to send
my compliments . . . love ya both, an'ya

PS: tell Robert his haiga are stunning too!

Draga Saša,

Hvala ti velika, i čestitam na časopisu

Nadam se da ću i ja uskoro poslati prilog, tako to želim.


Tomislav Marijan Bilosnić

Thanks Sasa,

What a lovely issue, and I was delighted to see my haiku in there, with its translation. I look forward to some good reading.

Best wishes,


Dear Sasa,
Thank you for sending me this year's Haiku Reality.
Congratulations on the online publication!
I find it contentful and interesting.
It's just moving to think the people around the world are so devoted to this originally-Japanese mode of art.
With warm wishes,

Draga Sasa,

zahvaljujem na svim e-mailovima i obavijestima...E bas ste me obradovali, usla sam u "Haiku stvarnost ", to su sitnice koje punu dusu...


Dear Sasa,

Hoping you're well. I was browsing Haiku Reality last night (an excellent resource as ever!) and was delighted to find Anatoly's review of " Christmas City " there - thank you so much. Cheers Sasa.

Bests as ever,


Draga Saša,

hvala Vama što ulžete toliko truda za afirmaciju i popularizaciju haikua - te drevne i lijepe pjesničke forme.

U znak poštovanja i pažnje, šaljem Vam moju najnoviju WAKU:

Pjetao galski
Radije budi, sinko
Kad sude naši
Ko voli zmajeve, male
Tamo, iz zemlje neke

A Gallic rooster
you should rather be my son
when our men judge
who loves small dragons
from some country there


Dr. Smajil Durmišević


Vol. 11, No 18, Spring 2014 / God. 11, br. 18, proleće 2014.



i'll announce it at haiku corner 

(where i've been posting rbt wilson's

6-part essays ... step by step )

if you still wish help to register 

& visit us (at haiku corner ) please let me know 

but it's a tiny tiny cell in an immeasurably vast 

organism called haiku 

words are buddhas

Gary Gach


Heartiest Congratulations, Sasa dear

good you found a new home for it,

best always,



Dear Sasa,

Thank you for mailing me Haiku Reality.
It's nice for me to read interesting papers and haiku this short holiday week end in the beginning of May.
And this is the nicest gift of our 46th wedding anniversary on May 1st.


Ikuyo Yoshimura


Congrats Sasa! Glad for your joy and the joy for all !
Good then!

Great Mayday I wish you !!!

Love ~ Zoe 


Sasa, dear poet-friend far away,

Thank you for the link to Haiku Reality. I am new to H.R., so I have to ask:

Robert Wilson chose 3 best and 10 favorites.

Is that the entire issue or are there more haiku in the issue?

Deep appreciation for all you do for haiku,




Congratulations on the zine! I find your name so much better than most we could mention. I also approve of your doing this so gently and without harsh words.

Thanks for including one of my articles from the web. Just sorry it isn't in Serbeian. And many thanks for linking to Lynx. So many haiku magazine refuse to see Lynx as part of the haiku community. It is nice to be in yours.

I fell and broke my tailbone but am beginning to recover. Will be thinking of what I can offer you. In the meantime, anything of mine on the web you are welcomed to borrow.

\o/ Jane


Hvala,Draga Saša, na „Haiku Stvarnosti“.

Svaka Ti Čast!!!

Toliko kreativnog rada! Samo napred.

Divim se Tvom radu. Ti si zlatna.

„Haiku Stvarnost“ je, zaista, jedan od najkvalitetnijih

Virutelnih haiku časopisa.Rado mu se vraća

Više puta.

Sve najbolje,



Thanks for sending me the link to this amazing collection!

Let me know if I can be of any help for future issues.

Please keep up the extremely cool and refreshing haiku work you are doing!

Warmest Regards,

Steve Wolfe


Dear Sasa,

HAIKU REALITY is simply wonderful!  I am enjoying it thoroughly and I am learning so much during my visits there. 

Thank you for including "in a wood like this" in the current issue.  I an honored to see it there among so many fine poets and artists.

Warm wishes,

Ferris Gilli


what a challenge to manage all the links across two languages! Thank you for the translations, too.

Michael Dylan Welch


Dear, dear Sasa,


Iacob Olimpia


Vol. 12, No 20. Spring 2015 / God. 12, br. 20 2015.


Thanks for informing me about the new Haiku Reality. It came out great!

Take care and keep in touch,

steve wolfe


Bogat i informativan ovaj broj! Selected Haiku vrlo strogo odabran, ali poučan šta su prave vrednosti. Zaboravili smo na osnovna japanska pravila.

Dragan J. Ristić


thanks you, Sasa

i can see lots of interesting reading there

thank you for the honour of having this article translated and so well presented

regards, Beverley


Vol. 12, No. 20, Summer 2015 / God. 12, br. 20, leto 2015

Sasa ~Thanks so much for the publication of my work in your magazine
More, because your translation!!!
Was a big surprise!!!
I like and the image with me and the haiku!!!
I am joyful for this presentation !!!

Thans again my friend!

Have my love from Greece


Congratulations Sasa
The journal as always looks like a work of love.
Thank you so much for sharing.



Hi Sasa,

Thanks so much for another great issue!

I am honoured and humbled to have my 'moon on water' hokku appear as one of the 'best of issue' for vol.12,no.20.summer 2015...

I would like to thank Robert D Wilson for his wonderful review,an honour indeed from one so proficient in the art!

Thank you also for your translation Sasa...it is always so exciting seeing ones work in another language !

Congratulations to all concerned in the making of Haiku Reality...

warm regards