Damir Janalija, Otisci snova/Imprints of Dreams: Dimitar Anakiev

Ikumi Yoshimura, paper plane: Robert D. Wilson


Vol. 8, No. 15, Winter 2011

George Swede, Joy in Me Still: Haiku: Michael Dylan Welch

Helen Buckingham, Armadillo Basket: Liam Wilkinson

Ljubomir Dragović, Uska staza/ A Narrow Road: Robert D. Wilson

Tomislav Maretić, Leptir nad pučinom (Butterfly over the Open Sea): Dubravko Marijanović


Vol. 8, No. 14, Summer 2011

Helen Buckingham, Christmas City: A Haiku Sequence: Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Zlata Bogović, Pjesma slavuja / Nightingale's Song: Vladimir Devidé, Vasile Moldovan, Đurđa Vukelić-Rožić, Zvonko Petrović

Petar Tchouhov, Safety Pins: Morelle Smith

Slavko J. Sedlar, Таквост 3 (Suchness 3): Mileta AĆIMOVIĆ IVKOV, Nadja Brankov, Zoran Raonić

Ljubomir Dragović, Uska staza/A Narrow Road: Vladimir Devidé, Mileta Aćimović Ivkov, Dragan Jovanović Danilov, Dimitar Anakiev




frog poet, a haiku novel by David G. Lanoue



<strong>frog poet</strong>, a haiku novel by David G. Lanoue


David Lanoue’s new book completes his quartet of “haiku novels” in which characters in Old Japan appear alongside their counterparts in contemporary New Orleans—including the author himself. People from both eras who have popped in and out of the wildly unpredictable plots of Haiku Guy, Laughing Buddha and Haiku Wars—including the poets Buck-Teeth, Kuro, Mido and Shiro; the former samurai, former kabuki actor Kojiki; the daimyo-turned-holy man Kaga; and the heart-crushing Lady Plum—all make their final appearances in these pages of a story about an incredible frog who just might be a reincarnated haiku master.

ISBN: 978-1-936848-03-4
Pages: 184
Size: 5" x 7.25"
Binding: perfect softbound

Red Moon Press


David Lanoue's Frog Poet is a splendid addition to the series. Lanoue is a master at blending storytelling and haiku into a fun-filled journey along roads of ancient Japan and our modern world. Frog Poet is a real page turner! --Curtis Dunlap


You wouldn't expect it, but reading David G. Lanoue's simple, profound tale of life, death, and art in a shitty world is like getting kissed on a sun-drenched morning--before you've pulled on your pants. What a gift! This little book will be the smooth, shining stone in America's haiku pond for generations to come. The water-light in that pond may waver, but always the word "love" that is etched here will be seen, read, and understood. --Michael McClintock


Quirky, witty and full of wonderful haiku, one of which will break your heart. –Marjorie Buettner